Pitch black and endless,
an eternal nothingness
namely: a colossal waste of my time
a never- ending cosmic dial tone

and yet, I continue reaching out,
pressing into the darkness.
My mind timidly crawling to edge of the dark abyss
Half wandering, half determined
praying for something to reach out…

I am so grateful God, even when I forget. God, I offer up my gratitude to you. May it bring you joy and happiness. Help me walk in gratitude God, help me love reality more so that I can love you and your creation more.

The Mortification of Feeling Seen

About a week ago I posted my very first post on medium. I did the most terrifying thing I have ever done-put my thoughts and feelings out there for the world to see.

And I instantly regretted it. Well not instantly. At first, I was…


24 year old soul.Not sure what I’m doing. Just expressing myself as best I can through the quandary that is my mind.

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